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Are you looking to write something in tire niche? Or you have some experience that can help other fellow racers or car lovers to make their work better? If yes you can submit us your article and we will share it on our website.

It’s great if you share any article related to racing, vehicles, or any related to vehicle tires. You can also share your personal experience in this niche.

Before you start writing you must have to keep in mind some of our guidelines.



Topics to write about:

  • Automobile Maintenance
  • Cars Modification, Tuning, Reviews, Guide
  • Bikes Modification, Tuning, Reviews, Guide
  • Sports Cars
  • Sports Bikes
  • Latest Automobile News
  • Latest Automobile Events

Your article must be informative or a product review.

Article must not be used anywhere else.

Content should be unique.

Minimum article length should be 1500 words.

There should be not more than 2 links in the whole article.

Article should be keyword targeted and the keyword should have reasonable volume.

Must use relevant and natural links. Please make sure your links have high authority related page.

It must be plagiarism free.

Your article must fulfill all the readability aspects, like appropriate headings, bullets points or subheading etc.

Try to avoid grammar or spelling mistakes.

SEO friendly is most important factor.


Your article published after approval so article posting is not guarantee. You must follow all the guidelines so that your post approval chance increase. Thanks


Due to high volume of guest post submissions we are not able to post all of the requests so if you don’t hear back from us within 7 days, you can use the content anywhere else.