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What Causes Bubble In Tire

What Causes Bubble In Tire

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Do you know what causes bubble in tires? I will share with all of you guys in this article when it happens, as well as many important things you guys need to know.

Main reason cause bubble in tire

1. Since the tire is rotating at high

Speed, it has a lot of friction with the road. This causes heat and if there is no way to release this heat, you will keep generating more and more heat every time the tire rotates on the road resulting in overheating.

2. When too much pressure is put inside

Most of us are not aware of the fact that too much pressure inside a tire can cause it to heat up which can result in bubbles. The reason behind this is that at high temperatures, air molecules become very active.

If you have too much air inside your tire, it tends to expand and push outwards resulting in bubbles.

3. Tire aging

When you don’t use your vehicle for long, the tire pressure inside tends to decrease. This lower pressure means that the air molecules are not as active anymore and they then react slower when there is an increase in temperature resulting in bubbles in the tire.

4. Improper inflation

If your car’s tire pressures are very low then this will also put more pressure on the tire’s surface causing it to heat up which again results in bubbles.

5. Overloading

Overloading of your vehicle can cause bubbles because, at high speeds the tire has to exert much force against the road resulting in heating up and bubbles.

6. Tire defect

If you have some defect in the tire then it can also cause bubbles because of an improper seal which can allow air to escape without being detected.

7. Leaking of air

If you have a leak in your tire then it can also result in bubbles because leaking of air out results in reduction of pressure inside the tire which will cause too much heat during rotation.

Can you drive a tire with bubbles

If you have a tire that has bubbles in it, make sure that you do not drive the vehicle because driving it can cause serious problems and also it’s not safe at all. The best idea is to replace this tire immediately.

Because there is a high possibility that it will blow out on you. Don’t drive your car with bubbles for a long distance. Always try your best to repair it as soon as possible.

How to find if you have bubble

Method 1

If you are feeling that something is not right then it’s very simple just put your hand on the tire and move your hand in a circular motion. If you feel that there is something wrong then your tire will bubble.

Method 2

You can use a common tire pressure gauge which has a metal needle and black dial attached to it. Press the needle onto your tire’s surface and see if there is any loss of air.

Method 3

If you keep feeling that something is wrong then take off one of your car’s wheels and put it on some other vehicle to cross check the reason behind bubbles.

Can you repair a tire with bubbles

No, you can’t because when there is a tire pressure problem and the surface of the tire has bubbles on it then it will not give protection to your vehicle and can cause accidents. So for this reason, repairing does not make sense in this case rather than replacing the tire.

How to check if your tire has a bubble

You should always take care of your tires and get them checked regularly for any defects or problems. Check for bubbles in a tire by pressing your thumb on it and seeing if there is any give. This indicates a bubble.

How to repair bubbles in tires

If you find any bubbles on your tires, it’s very important that you get them repaired immediately. The best thing is to take it to a professional and ask about repairing options and cost for this.

It is always better to go with a reputed garage who specialises in tire repairing service as they have their own equipment. You can also do this yourself at home by using a tire sealant which is quite simple, quick and cost effective .

It will only take up to 30 minutes of your time to complete the whole process. You will require an air compressor, pressure gauge, rubber adjuster tool, tire sealant and some rags. Follow these simple steps to repair your tire with bubbles.

Step 1

Put your car up on jack stands and remove the wheel from the tire. Make sure you wear safety goggles and gloves because there can be some sharp edges under which may hurt you.

If you are feeling that there is something wrong then it’s better to take it to a professional to get it checked.

Step 2

Take your air compressor hose and attach the rubber sealer tool to it. Put this nozzle into the opening of the tire valve and start blowing air inside until you see that the pressure gauge is showing a certain pressure. Make sure to put in a little more pressure than required because once sealant gets in, it will decrease the air pressure.

Step 3

Now take your tire sealant and put ¾ of it inside the tire. Put in more if you feel like because this amount is not sufficient to make a complete repair.

Step 4

Wait for another 10 minutes until the sealer starts solidifying inside your tire’s inner surface. Once it has hardened, you can put the wheel back on and tighten it with your hands so that there is no movement inside

Step 5

After this, put the tire into an air compressor for one minute to re-inflate it. Take off your tire pressure gauge and see if there is some reduction in air pressure . If there is some problem then re inflate it again.

Step 6

Now make sure to tighten the tire valve cap over the opening of the valve. In case, your car does not have a tire pressure gauge on the handle, you can get one from any local auto part store.

Always remember that repairing will only give you minimal relief so it’s better to replace the tire. You can even sell your old one or give it away for free because there are many people who will be happy to do so. If you feel uncomfortable doing this at home then it’s advisable that you take your car to a professional and get everything done in no time.

Hopefully this article may be helpful to you. See you guys in my next article. Till then take care and goodbye!